About Us

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Who we are?

i-MOBIL is a supplier of infrastructure and wireless enhancement solutions to mobile operator and enterprises to extend their wireless communications networks.

Established in May 2005 i-MOBIL is part of Company Society of Myn Tahl and Fiesta Duo.

Mainly focus on the Telecom sector i-MOBIL is an Equipment and Handset supplier for Carriers and Services Supplier for different solutions in both scenarios (Indoor and Outdoor).

Our Commercial strategy is to build long term business relationship with our customers and partners based on our qualified products, performance, technical knowledge, experience, reliability and customer support. 

All of this through our extensive and own product portfolio.   


What do we do?

i-MOBIL is a technology partner that through its broad portfolio of products helps to meet or exceed the customers needs and also thanks to its group of professionals who provide consulting services is that I-MOBIL establishes a solid and lasting relationship. with all their customers and partners.